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Sign up solo, with your bestie, as a family, or grab your flatmates and bake as a team.


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Look deep inside yourself and ask the big question - are you a savoury or sweet baker? Once you’ve riddled out the depths of your soul, set your baking goal.

Ways to bake


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Shout your plans to the world by sharing your fundraising page with everyone you know - the more the merrier right?



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Set a fixed donation amount or tell people to hand over whatever works for them. Once you signed up, you'll be able to access sharing tools to make it even easier for people to get behind.


Get in the Kitchen

Ready, set, bake! Now’s the time to put your money where your mouth is and strap on your apron. If you need some inspo be sure to check out our handy recipe book. 




This is the best part - sit back, relax and enjoy your hard and tasty work.

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