Tips and Ideas

Having trouble getting started?

No probs! Here are our top tips for getting stuck in.


Back yourself

Donate to your own campaign. Donating to yourself will prove how committed you are to reaching your goal and help your donors to figure out exactly how much to pledge.


Call your mum

Ask your family to get behind you. Ask four (or more) of your close family members to donate $50 each = $200. Easy, peasy lemon (drizzle cake) squeezy.


Got a big family or tonnes of friends?

Invite 16 of your extended family and friends to your event and get them to donate $25 each (that's $400!).


Work, work, work

Ask five of your workmates to donate $20 each, or your boss for a company contribution. And just like that you’ll have an extra $100.


Get social

Throw up a Facebook status, post a link or send out a tweet to let all your friends know what you’re getting up to in the kitchen. DM or tag 10 of your friends to donate $20 each – that’s an additional $200 in the kitty.