Khiara and Support Team

I will be hosting a bake sale on 9th June at Community to Raise Dough for ReachOut.

I'm fundraising to raise awareness for Australian Youth Mental Health.

  Hello all, 

My name is Khiara Lizzio and I am a year 12 student from a local school in the western Sydney community and I am proud to fundraise for a upholding, sucessful organisation that needs help to impact the lives of young people that are in Australia to rebuild their purposeful lives. My Team have taken the courage to host a bake sale in our local community to support the generation of youth we grow up with. 

As a team, our goal is to reach $850 and if possible to extend over our goal to help young people in Australia get access to great and loving support to rebiuld their lives and go on a journey to inspire and support the next generation of Australians. 

I encourage and reach out to you all to make a donation to support this amazing organisation, helping rebuild the lives of Australian young people. Please all donations go to make a difference 

Thank you :) 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Soaring Eagles Consulting

You have made our whole community proud!!!! Well done.


Active Back

Well done ladies!!! So proud of your passion, enthusiasm and success in raising money for such a good cause



You are an inspiration and a credit to yourself and your family well done congratulations and thank you


Kylie Feather And Maddy

What an amazing young lady you are always thinking of others congratulations and well done on supporting such an important cause