Neall Kriete

This May, I'm selling chocolate cupcakes, in batches of 4 for $20 donations to ReachOut.

I'm raising dough for ReachOut.

V and I will make chocolate cupcakes, and decorate them any way you like. 

Collection from the RO office on 27 May.



Thank you to my Sponsors



Cupcapes by Mr V! Can't wait!


Freya And Seppi

Mmm cupcapes for my birthday - I think YES.


Mariesa Nicholas

Yum! Audrey and Gil will be pleased. Happy for any decoration you choose.


Kwan Chan

Sold. That video is amazing - decoration V's choice!


Annie Wylie

I would like Moana themed cupcakes please!!



A sensitive new age young man in the kitchen and cupcakes to boot, what's not to love!


Tracey Campbell

Surprise me with your creativity!