Majida Kassem

I will be hosting a bake sale on 1st January at to Raise Dough for ReachOut.

I'm raising dough for ReachOut.


Thank you to my Sponsors



God bless you sweet one xx


Zeina Itaoui

So proud of you! You have a kind and caring soul! What a great cause x


Rhonda Itaoui

So thrilled to support this cause, and proud of you Mimi!!!


Leanne Itaoui

A great initiative. All the best Majida



A gorgeous gal who likes to give! A winning combo xx


Abu Nahla Taybah

All the best !! So proud of you !!


Yehya Itaoui

Great work Majida



Where do we make flavour requests? Good luck to you all.



What a great cause! Very proud! This is not a bribe for an invite to the Eid party.


Rania Itaoui

Love you!! I hope you continue to do wonders!


Hanan E


Amani Ayouby


Fay Shmeissem

So proud of u beautiful girl


Hesham Eid

Good on you Mimi.



Great cause! Heard lots about you from your gorgeous Aunty Leanne hope to meet you one day soon. Best of luck!



May Allah swt reward you 😘