Katrina Eckhart

This May, I'm selling Biscuits/Cookies, in batches of 24 for $15 donations to ReachOut.

I'm raising dough for ReachOut.

ReachOut do a really important job, so I thought I'd try and help them a bit by raising some money. I'm aiming for $500 so hopefully I'll get somewhere near that.

I find baking helpful for my own mental health, as it is relaxing (most of the time), gives me something to focus on, and makes me feel I've achieved something when the bake turns out properly. Also I enjoy baking for friends and family because they all seem to like what I've made and that makes me feel pretty good too! 

I'm going to be making biscuits (or cookies, whatever you want to call them) because they're one of the easiest things to batch bake, and I can get creative with the flavours. So if you'd like to help me out, let me know what flavour you want and I'll see what I can do!


Thank you to my Sponsors


Claire Eckhart

💜 You go my girl xx


Sue Griffin

Happy baking Katrina. Awesome work xxxxx


Christine Keeley

Awesome job Katrina xx


Janet Mcnally

Well done love and good luck


Yvonne Black

Hope it goes well.


Leo Blackman

Great idean and I love cookies. Plain is fine but anything with ginger is better.


Jackie Adams


Maureen A


Joy Nash

Wishing you every success xxxx


Bree S

You’re awesome!