This May, I'm selling Cupcakes, in batches of 12 for $25 donations to ReachOut.

Mooshuns are moody cushions

Mooshuns are moody cushions – handmade cushions with different facial expressions that are designed to help children talk about feelings. develop emotional intelligence and build positive mental health habits. Mooshuns are available in two fabric styles in an extensive range of moods, colours and sizes.

Mooshuns also come in variety packs that are designed for teaching and learning about feelings and emotions. Other Mooshuns products include:

  • postcard sets
  • photo sets
  • bunting style banners.

Mooshuns are handmade in Melbourne at Mooshuns HQ by me, Ian, the Mooshun Man.

I’m an experienced primary school teacher with a dedicated interest in boys’ education, emotional intelligence and children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Mooshuns make much more sense once you watch the ad

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My favourite cupcake

I haven't been baking for very long. Early successes have inspired my courage to try new and different recipes and take on new challenges. Caramelised white chocolate has been one of those challenges. It's a slow, repetitive process but it produced an amazing result.

I've been able to clearly identify my white chocolate cupcakes with caramelised white choclate buttercream as my absolute favourites. There are plenty of other amazing flavours in my repetoire but these are definitely top of my list.

I'm so glad I decided to give cupcake baking a try. I'm so proud of the progress I have made with my baking over the last 7 months. I really hope everyone who gets to try them is enjoying my cupcakes as I am enjoying making them.

I'm looking forward to future challenges at this point and seeing where I can take this whole cupcake baking endeavour.

Thanks for your support along the way.


The Mooshun Man

I'm fundraising for...

When worlds collide!

I'm fundraising for the mental health and wellbeing of our children and young people.

It's a cause I've supported for quite some time and now that I bake it's seems like a perfect pairing of skills and purpose.

I'm doing something I enjoy and hopefully providing enjoyment to others along the way.

Thanks for your support!

I hope you enjoy my cupcakes.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tom Liston

Good work buddy


Ian Thomas


The Information Access Group

Ian’s cupcakes are super Delicious, moist, tender fluffy blissful dessert. His hard work, dedication, and passion for baking shine through with every cupcake he creates. They’re nothing like those dry ultra-fluffy bakery cupcakes which make you sad and full of regret, these are worth it! - Amita Thanks Ian for baking your delicious cupcakes and raising awareness for such an important cause. - Larry Keep 'em coming. - Emily


Ian Thomas


Mendo Vasilevski

A good man doing good things. Bravo


The Information Access Group



Great work Ian!




Raelene Eldred

Well done E


Graham Thomas


Ken Sampson


Jono Lynch


Daniel Eldred


Therese Kennedy

Beautiful cupcakes Ian, love them. What a great way to raise money!....


Amy Sampson

Well done!