Freya and Seppi

This May, I'm selling Brownies, in batches of 4 for $15 donations to ReachOut.

I'm fundraising for...

Mental health and well-being is a cause area close to our heart! 

Freya and I have been through some rough times and chatting about it to raise awareness and provide support is something we take pride in doing. So why not do it all while eating delicious brownies...?
So Freya's gonna do what she does best - bake. Admittedly, I am only good at the eating but I will be helping her drop off the brownies and make sales ;) 
If you're not a brownie type or just want to be good, donations are welcome too!  
Thanks guys xx

Thank you to my Sponsors


Katie Mapp


Ashley De Silva

It seems EVERYONE is talking about how good these brownies are. Yes please.



Thank you guys!!! Can't wait!


Julie Adams

Brownies rule sisters!


Cecilia C


Evangeline Bowditch

Fab work gang (Sorry for late donation, you don’t have to make me brownies)


Freda Tan

And I’ll contribute by doing what I do best which is not really liking chocolate nor cakes and giving away any baked goods that are given to me. Team work makes the dream work, mother ticket. 👍🏽



What a great cause (and can’t wait for the brownies!) - keep up the good work gals!


Pouyan Omidian



Good job guys!


Neall & Valo

Yay! Can't wait for our brownies.


Annie Wylie

I am very excited about these brownies - Seppi has created some high expectations!



I was going to give up chocolate and sugar next week but on the strength of those referrals I am all in for those yummy sounding brownies!!


Melissa Cowan

Excited for these - thanks Freya and Seppi!


Mariesa Nicholas

Yes, please - these sounds amazing. Can't wait for my delivery!



Well done Frey and Seppi. Can't wait to taste these famous brownies!