Raise Dough is a fundraising initiative owned andoperated by ReachOut Australia

Joining the Challenge

How do I sign up?

Go to https://raisedough.com.au/signup/ or alternatively, go to https://raisedough.com.au and click 'Sign Up'

How do I refer a friend?

Send your friend to https://raisedough.com.au/signup/ or alternatively, raisedough.com.au and ask them to click ‘Sign Up’.

How do I create a team?

Once you’ve registered your own profile, you’ll see an option to create a team. At any stage after you’ve signed up, you’re able to create a team from within your dashboard.

How do I join a team?

If the team is locked, you need to be invited by the team captain. Otherwise, you can search for teams during the sign-up process.

How do I get friends, family or colleagues on board?

Send out emails or put up posters around the office to encourage your friends and colleagues to support you. Download templates here to help your fundraising.

Hey! I’m running late. Can I still join?

For sure. You can challenge yourself anytime throughout May.

Your Fundraising page

How do I edit my fundraising page?

Click ‘Login’ in the top right-hand corner, which will allow you to access your dashboard and make any changes you need to.

How do I share my fundraising page?

Once you’re logged in, visit https://www.raisedough.com.au/login/emails to access sharing tools, including social media buttons and emails.

How do I ask for donations?

Check out our fundraising tips here. And, download our free resources to help you along the way.

How do I get my fundraising to you?

All online donations automatically come to us so there’s no need to do anything. If you have cash that you would like to bank offline, please email bake@reachout.com and they can advise you how to do this.


Are donations to Laps for Life tax-deductible?

If your donation is made in Australia and is over $2, then it is tax deductible. When you donate, an email which will contain a receipt as proof of your donation to us will be sent to you.

How do I find one of my friends to donate to them?

Go to https://raisedough.com.au and look for the search box – enter their name, and if they’re already signed up, you will be able to see them and make a donation. Alternatively click on the 'donate' button on the lapsforlife.com.au website, search for your friend, click on their page then make a donation.


I’ve qualified for a reward but I haven’t received it yet?

ReachOut relies on volunteers to help send out your goodies and we endeavour to get this out as quickly as possible to you, but sometimes it may take up to four weeks to get it to you.

Where can I take part in Raise Dough?

Your house, your mum’s house or anywhere with a working kitchen that you’re allowed to visit.

What if I can’t bake?

Pfffft, of course you can bake! Remember, practise, practise, practise. And even if you don’t make the prettiest goodies in town, they’ll still be delicious and worth having a crack for. Chat to friends and family, chances are someone will have some handy hints for getting started- and there’s always YouTube and it’s thousands of tutorials, right?

How should I prepare for Raise Dough?

Check out our amazing recipe book, chat to your friends and family about their fave recipes and get online for further inspo. Don’t forget to make a solid shopping list so you don’t find yourself without any baking soda!

How often do I need to bake?

As often as you like, or even just once! Take a look at the goal you’re working towards and then decide how many cupcakes will be required to get you there.

What if I’ve set my goal too high and I can't reach the goal before the end of the challenge?

Either lower your goal to a more achievable target on your fundraising page or continue to bake beyond May until you reach your target.

Any Other Questions

If you still don’t have the answers you need and would like to be in touch, email us at bake@reachout.com.